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A sign of your appreciation for your guests

GRANDER® water revitalization offers your guests extra perks that will set your enterprise apart. GRANDER® stands for more vitality and well-being as well as a conscious, sustainable way of life in harmony with nature – values that more and more people care about. Many people strive for sustainability and a good quality of life in their daily routines and also seek these properties when they are guests in restaurants or wellness or medical facilities. GRANDER® helps you cater to these wishes, offering a special extra to patrons while simultaneously expressing your appreciation for your guests and leaving a lasting good impression.

Once people have experienced the remarkable effects of tap water revitalized through GRANDER®, they no longer want to do without it: GRANDER® water is not only healthful, it also boasts a superb taste.

Water that caters to your guests’ every wish

  • You would like to offer an outstanding drink to your guests?

    GRANDER® water is anything but bland: its fine, soft taste makes GRANDER® revitalized water a refreshing and tasty thirst quencher that brings a whole new taste experience to your guests – also in combination with, for example, wine. Find out more

  • You would like to boost your guests’ well-being through water that is incredibly gentle to skin and hair?

    GRANDER® will spoil your guests: GRANDER® water revitalization brings a whole new level of softness to tap water, making bathing and showering so much more relaxing while being gentle to skin and hair. GRANDER® revitalized water also helps relax tense muscles, leaving your guests feeling more balanced. Find out more …

  • You would like to improve your customer retention rate and image?

    GRANDER® sbrings additional value to your enterprise: GRANDER® water revitalization is a clear selling point for your guests, which improves your relations with existing customers and helps you access new target groups. Find out more …

  • You want sustainable savings, both with regard to finances and natural resources?

    GRANDER® pays off – revitalized water helps you save in surprisingly many fields: it helps utilize raw materials more effectively, reducing the required amounts of cleaning agents or chemicals in swimming pools, it is effective against lime deposits and rust formation, it protects heating and air-conditioning systems, it lowers the overall operating costs in enterprises, and it extends maintenance intervals. Find out more …

  • You truly care about running a company that is environmentally friendly and conserves resources?

    GRANDER® is gentle to nature: revitalized water helps us protect our most valuable resource – nature. For one thing, the environment is protected as smaller amounts of detergents and agents produce the same cleaning effects and less energy is required to heat or cool rooms. For another, GRANDER® Inline Units run exclusively on natural energy – without electricity or any chemicals – and never require servicing or maintenance work. Find out more …

  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "Everything is built on a plus and minus basis."

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