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Rely on GRANDER® for growth in your enterprise

Water revitalized with GRANDER® fosters a strong and plentiful growth of your plants, grains, and vegetables and also extends their life span. Also animals benefit from GRANDER® water, as animal breeders and keepers enthusiastically report. On top of that, GRANDER® water revitalization contributes to maintaining a consistent product quality, which ensures that your customers are satisfied.

Increasing customer loyalty with GRANDER®

Added value for your enterprise and your customers: with GRANDER® water revitalization, you will score points with your customers, who will appreciate your products made with the high-quality GRANDER® water. The positive reactions to the water will also ensure your customers think highly of you and your offer.

A boosted image as an investment in the future         

More and more customers take sustainability and vitality seriously – GRANDER® helps you live up to these expectations. With GRANDER®, you can offer a special extra to your customers that sets you apart from your competition and that either further explores your enterprise’ s potential or gives it a finishing touch. GRANDER® water revitalization could be the cherry on the cake that makes your customers want to keep coming back. It could be a factor contributing to customer satisfaction and thus customer loyalty and could also open up a new target group for your enterprise.

Economic advantages of GRANDER®

  • helps grow an abundance of strong plants, grain, and vegetables
  • benefits your plants as much as your animals
  • promotes consistently high product quality
  • contributes to boosting your image
  • expresses your appreciation for your guests
  • improves your customer retention rate
  • adds value to your enterprise
  • provides a finishing touch to an already well-developed business concept
  • makes your enterprise stand out among competitors
  • caters to your customers’ wishes


Effectiveness proven by scientific studies

For instance, Dr. Heidrun Schinagl of the Institute of Horticulture and Viticulture of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna reports in her dissertation that GRANDER® water

  • contributes to increasing yields in tomatoes (due to an increase in the number of fruits in the ‘Extra’ quality class),
  • boosts their vitamin C content, and
  • improves black rot resistance.

With regard to head lettuce, she found improvements with regard to

  • aftercrop and
  • storage life.

Based on these results, Dr. Heidrun Schinagl expressly recommended the use of GRANDER® water revitalization when growing tomatoes.

  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "There are no two waters alike."

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